Applied Smart Materials

Functional materials: disruptive technologies for intelligent solutions

Mittwoch 14.11.2018

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Whether it is wearable devices, the automotive or the packaging industry: printed electronics is conquering mass markets and has developed to become an innovation driver in many areas of application. Within the scope of this seminar disruptive technologies based on functional materials will be introduced and discussed by international representatives of research and industry. The seminar will give you an overview of the applications, technological possibilities and markets.

The department »Functional Materials« at Fraunhofer IPA is a pioneer in application-orientated material and process research. Today it is recognized as one of the largest research groups active in the field of functional materials. Thanks to its high level of integration, research issues are solved quickly and comprehensively, enabling results to be transferred efficiently to product and process innovations.


Skilled workers and managers from automotive, electronics, coating technique, material production, and system integration sectors


  • Information and Communication Technology: New Materials, such as Graphene or Topological insulator, Wearable electronics, Processes for in-mould electronics, Predictive maintenance for fibre-reinforced plastics, Large area sensors
  • Environment and Energy: New emitters with high efficency and low cost, Corrosion protection with graphene, Internet of Things (IoT) power module, Thermoelectric generators, Smart packaging, Electro-spinning polymers
  • Life Sciences: Bio-sensors, Wearable medical sensors


The Fraunhofer IPA offers the forum, which brings together experts from industry and scientists for an exchange. The technical presentations show the technological possibilities, development potentials and thus the chances for new products and markets.

Fraunhofer-Institutszentrum Stuttgart

Nobelstr. 12
70569 Stuttgart


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